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Landmark Annotation to recognize Facial attributes

Firms in the security and surveillance sector which build facial recognition models require high-quality landmark annotations across a variety of classes. Dot annotation (a.k.a Landmark annotation) and semantic segmentation is used to determine shape variations of objects.

Dot annotation (or) Landmark annotation for facial recognition

Complex Cases we have successfully handled

  • Object occlusions
  • Bad clarity of images which leads to improper and incorrectly annotated boundaries
  • Images which have bad exposure and are improperly lit
  • Partial Images of faces/ Bad angle of the captured image
  • Faces with long hair that cover a part of the face are difficult to annotate

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Semantic Segmentation for Facial Recognition

Semantic Segmentation for Facial Recognition

Playment has developed specialized annotation tools, domain expertise and a trained workforce for the specific annotation requirements in the autonomous driving domain. We offer a hassle free and fully managed enterprise solution to all your data labeling needs.

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