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With the rise of Machine Learning,  Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning – The field of Artificial Intelligence has blossomed from that of a niche to a force which is perpetually emboldened by research. The industry has seen immense growth since Alan Turing’s paper on Computing Machinery and Intelligence, giving rise to a number of influencers, conferences workshops, and other meetings. Providing scientists and enthusiasts alike with an opportunity to learn, profess, and stay updated with the latest ideas.

Playment’s best AI event picks.

Here are some of the top AI conferences held worldwide which you should consider attending (Listed in upcoming order):

Anthill Inside 2017 and The Fifth Elephant

When: 29 July, 2017 | 27-28 July, 2017
Where: Bangalore, India
Why you should attend: The two, concurrent events organised by HasGeek provides Indian AI enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, researchers, and data scientists a platform for collaboration and knowledge dissemination. This year, the focus is on tools for Data Mining & Analysis, Deep Learning in diverse domains such as IOT, eCommerce, and education and agriculture.
Speakers to watch out for: Satish Palaniappan (Research Associate – The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai),  Anuj Gupta (Principal Machine Learning Researcher – Freshdesk), Rajesh Gudikoti (AI Architect – IBM Watson India), Subramanya Mayya (Senior Design Engineer – Minds AI)

34th International Conference on Machine Learning

When: 6-11 August, 2017
Where: Sydney, Australia
Why you should attend: Supported by the International Machine Learning Society, is one the leading Machine Learning conferences held annually. With workshops on Automatic Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Computational Biology, and Human in the Loop Machine Learning, the event is a hard one to miss. If you’re a student, there’s good news as they are encouraged to volunteer as organizing committee members and are provided special travel provisions as well.
Speakers to watch out for: Peter Donnelly (Professor of Statistical Science – Oxford University), Latanya Sweeney (Professor of Government and Technology – Harvard University), Raia Hadsell (Senior Research Scientist – Deepmind), Bernhard Schölkopf (Director – Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)

AI and Machine Learning Summit

When: 15-16 August, 2017
Where: Sydney, Australia
Why you should attend: The AI and Machine Learning Summit blurs the line between technology and business. Frequented by both Researchers and Business/Technology executives, it’s a platform where AI & ML is tailored into effective business tools – Bringing in opportunities to drive new business, foster innovation and create a competitive advantage for businesses.
Speakers to watch out for: Willem Paling (Director of Data, Technology & Optimisation – IAG), Siamak Tafavogh (Lead Data Scientist – CocaCola Amatil), Georg Gottlob (Professor of Informatics – Oxford University), Kathryn Gulifa (Head of Customer Analytics Innovation – National Australia Bank)

Intelligent Systems Conference

When: 7-8 September, 2017
Where: London, UK
Why you should attend: Started in 2013, the conference has seen itself bookmarked by researchers practitioners from varying fields within AI. The programme will include paper presentations, poster sessions and project demonstrations, along with prominent keynote speakers and industrial workshops. Some of the topics on the agenda include Human-Computer Interaction, Swarm Intelligence, Intelligent Driving, and Security Intelligence.
Speakers to watch out for: Nuria Oliver (Director of Research, Data Science – Vodafone), Valentina Salapura (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Mark Harman (Facebook), Jan  Hofman (Deutsche Telekom AG), Frank Wang (Chairman, IEEE Computer Society, UK&I Chapter | University of Kent)

The Machine Learning Conference

When: 15 September, 2017
Where: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Why you should attend: Started in 2012 as a joint venture with Carnegie Mellon University’s GraphLab team, the conference has evolved into a spirited platform for attendees to take home practical tips and methods to apply into their own research. As of 2015, the event has seen a growing number of international attendees as well, all coming together from various industries and universities to engage in discussing applications for Machine Learning methodologies.
Speakers to watch out for: Le Song (Assistant Professor, College of Computing – Georgia Tech), Jacob Eisenstein (Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Computing – Georgia Tech), Venkatesh Ramanathan (Data Scientist, Paypal), Robert Morris (CTO & Co-Founder, Predikto), Jennifer Marsman (Principal Software Development Engineer – Microsoft)

O’Reilly Conference

When: 17-18 September 2017: TRAINING; 18-20 September 2017: Tutorials & Conference
Where: San Fransisco, CA
Why you should attend: O’Reilly and Intel Nervana are teaming up to present the Artificial Intelligence Conference brings together the top minds in AI space.
Speakers to watch out for: Anusua Trivedi (Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft), Peter Norvig(Director of Research, Google), Matt Zeiler (Founder and CEO, Clarifai), Rana el Kaliouby (Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Affectiva), Reza Zadeh (Professor | CEO, Stanford | Matroid), Tuomas Sandholm (Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Founder | CEO, Strategic Machine, Inc. Founder and CEO, Optimized Markets, Inc.), Richard Socher (Chief Data Scientist, Salesforce), Vikash Mansinghka (Research Scientist, MIT), Kristian Hammond (Chief Scientist, Narrative Science), Yonghua Lin (Manager of Cognitive System and Cloud Technology, IBM Research)
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World Summit AI

When: 11-12 October, 2017
Where: Gashouder, Amsterdam
Why you should attend: Packed with 120+ Speakers and the opportunity to network with 100+ Startups and 2000+ AI Explorers, the event has lived up to its moniker as a global conference. The theme of the event is a tripartite discussion on Practical AI, Innovative AI, and Safe AI. Apart from the plethora of panel discussions, attendees have the opportunity to get hands with the latest technology at the Tech Playground and with 30+ product launches over the course of 2 days.
Speakers to watch out for: Rob High (CTO – IBM), Ralf Herbrich (Director of Machine Learning – Amazon), Xian-Sheng Hua (Senior Director of AI – Alibaba), Steve Chien (Head of AI – NASA), Chris Broad (Angel Investor and Mentor – Future Worlds)

Rise of AI

When: May, 2018
Where: Berlin, Germany
Why you should attend: After an extremely successful event in 2017, highlighted by 350 guests, 9+ keynote panels, 18+ AI Leaders and 6+ AI Demos, Rise of AI would be returning to Berlin in May 2018. The Rise of AI is a full day conference catered those who have inspired Applied AI and working towards building a future Vision of Artificial Intelligence.
Speakers to watch out for: Dr. Damian Borth (Director Deep Learning Competence Center – DFKI), Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit ( Scientific Director – German Research Center for AI), Nicoleta Mihali (Technical Evangelist – Microsoft), Jens Redmer (Principal, New Products – Google), Nicolai Andersen (Partner – Deloitte), Manuel Koelman (Angel Investor)

The 2010s have witnessed the surge of AI from a science fiction element to that of a fully functioning industry. With companies as big as Google and Uber to startups such as and Arria solving the AI puzzle, one piece at a time, it might not be too long till we greet mechanized colleagues at work.

If you’re interested in heading down to the next big AI conference – Be it presenting a paper, attending some workshops, or just to stay ahead of the crowd – We’ll keep updating the list below with all the upcoming events and when it happens.